Professional practice and technical papers

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Professional Practice Papers

  • Updated guidelines to the standards for recording human remains - Piers D Mitchell and Megan Brickley, 2017, ISBN 978-0-948393-27-3 Digital and hardcopy available - please also refer to the 2004 Guidelines to the Standards for Recording Human Remains available below. A much longer extended document, along with a full bibliography and more images, for chapter 11 'Guidance on recording palaeopathology (abnormal variation)' by Charlotte Roberts is available at, or can be sent as a pdf (by contacting c.a.roberts [at]

  • An introduction to professional ethics - Gerry Wait, 2017. ISBN 978-0-948393-26-6 Digital and hard copy available

  • Professional archaeology: a guide for clients - CIfA 2015 Digital and hard copy available

  • An introduction to providing career entry training in your organisation - CIfA, 2014, Digital only Further information about the Training Toolkit.

  • An introduction to drawing archaeological pottery, revised edition - Lesley Collett, 2017, ISBN 978-0-948393-25-9 Digital and hard copy available

  • Employing people with disabilities: good practice guidance for archaeologists - Tim Phillips and John Creighton, 2010, ISBN 978-0-948393-19-8 Digital only

  • Disaster management planning for archaeological archives - Kenneth Aitchison, 2004, ISBN 0948393904 Digital only

  • Guidelines to the Standards for Recording Human Remains - Megan Brickley and Jacqueline I McKinley, 2004, ISBN 0948 398 88 Digital only

  • Archaeological reconstruction: illustrating the past - John Hodgson 2001, ISBN 0948 393 17 3 Digital only

  • Crypt archaeology: an approach - Margaret Cox, 2001, ISBN 0948 393 16 5 Digital only

Technical Papers

  • Excavation and post-excavation treatment of cremated and inhumed human remains - Jacqueline I McKinley and Charlotte Roberts, 1993, Digital only